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The Vent Valve

Venting on anything, but most likely on cars, bikes, music, and Wikipedia

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I am a graduate of the St. Augustine Campus of the University of the West Indies. While I studied there, I lived on the great and glorious Canada Hall (RESPEX UNTO ALL HERMITS!) and there received the name by which I am identified here.

I have the physique of a movie star; Jackie Gleason, William Conrad and Bud Spencer come to mind in that regard. I am not called a blob for nothing. When I arrived at St. Augustine so many years ago, I weighed about 100 kg (220 lb.) I had since ballooned to just under 168 kg (370 lb) as at last year, when I started to do something about my weight; I am now at about 155 kg (342 lb). Then, as now, I was about 183 cm (6' 0") tall.

I do not play any sports, although if I were to involve myself in a sport it would probably be basketball. I have a mild interest in motor racing, although I have a great interest in automobiles and motorcycles in general.

Every day I marvel that I have lived as long as I have. Through most of my twenties, until my thirtieth birthday, I did not think I would live to be thirty. I was certain that someone would have shot me dead by then. Jamaica has one of the highest murder rates in the world.

My main hobby is collecting, absorbing and regurgitating general BS that I receive from various sources. I read widely, although not as widely as I used to.

When I started this journal I was a fan of Code Lyoko and had written a few Code Lyoko fanfics that can probably still be seen at FanFiction.Net. I became interested in drawing, and my art and writings can be seen at deviantART.com

I found out about LiveJournal from kuna_emie, now known as roll_soul (I think...) however, unlike several other websites, I did not follow her here.